Terra Motors at BGBS, attended Bengal Global Trade Expo 2022

Terra Motors at BGBS, attended Bengal Global Trade Expo 2022

29 May 2022

This year, at Bengal Trade Expo 2022, Terra has showcased new models to be launched along with sharing the vision of the company.
The vision for the EV industry and inviting all to join our mission to fulfil our vision of a sustainable society and create an EV ecosystem Our vision is to work for society to grow economically and support the people in this society to grow with us.

In addition, the purpose of our stall was to showcase the new models to the existing dealers and consumers, as well as new dealers. The new products that we are planning to launch are in the two-wheeler segment, such as electric scooters and electric bikes. In addition to the three-wheeler segment, we are planning to launch an electric auto. We have four pillars of foundation within which we work; we produce customer-satisfied products.

1. Product: We have already launched electric rickshaws, and to cater to all segments, we are also launching two-wheeler electric vehicles.

2. Price & Quality: We also have the most competitive prices in the market with the best quality products.

3. Service: For the customer's complete satisfaction, we have provided a warranty on all of the equipment used in the electric vehicle.

4. Finance: We have also launched the NBFC, Terra Finance, which allows everyone to have the opportunity to purchase an electric vehicle with financial support.

Be a part of this huge growth movement towards sustainability and a better society!

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