Over the last 100 years we have relied on combustion fuels like petrol and diesel to move our vehicles.

Dependence on fuel will eventually create more problems in the future, especially since these types of fuel are limited and the reserves are running out. Now, after nearly a century with the internal combustion engine dominating the personal transportation sector, it now appears that the electric vehicle is on the verge of experiencing rapid growth in both developed and developing vehicle markets.

The broad-scale adoption of the electric vehicle could bring significant changes for society in terms of not only the technologies we use for personal transportation, but also moving our economies away from petroleum and lessening the environmental footprint of transportation.

These alternative-fuel vehicles are not only energy efficient, but they also help us in other ways:

The good for the environment

They are cost effective compared to gasoline vehicles

They can be used as last mile connectivity.

Why Terra?

Terra Motors is Japan’s no.1 electric vehicle company having a worldwide presence with its wide range of EV products. Terra is committed and focused on being a one stop solution to its channel partners as well as the end customers and aims to build a complete ecosystem around electric vehicles.


We have a wide range of products, starting with the basic model to a high end one. We are available both Lead Acid as well as Lithium Ion Batteries. In fact, Terra customizes its product as per the requirements of the market.


Quick & Easy Loans

We provide easy and hassle free loan to our end customers. The loan amount typically is 75% of the ex-showroom price and based on our parameters, the loan can be approved within 48 hours


Strong After Sale Service

We provide warranty on all major components of the vehicle and also Service camps are held at the dealer’s point. “Terra Motors” - an app specially designed for our dealers and customers where they can directly connect with our backhand team regarding any query or concerns. A customer can also locate the nearest dealer through the app.



We offer to buy back the vehicle at a true value from the customer in exchange for the new one, which reduces a certain amount of burden of the customer while giving the down payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can you grow with Terra Motors?

Q. Is Terra Motors a Japanese Company?

A. Yes Terra Motors is a Japanese Company. Terra Motors India is a hundred percent subsidy of Terra Motors Corporation, Japan.

Q. What is the life of an E-Rickshaw?

A. Typically the life on an E-Rickshaw varies from 3 to 5 years if maintained properly.

Q. Is Registration applicable for an E-Rickshaw?

A. Yes, once the vehicle is passed through ARAI or ICAT, the state RTO approval is needed.

Q. How many passengers are allowed in an E-Rickshaw?

A. 4 passengers and 1 driver is allowed in an E-Rickshaw.

Q. Can I buy an E-Rickshaw on loan?

A. Yes, just like any other motor vehicle, you can avail loan facility for E-Rickshaw.

Dealer's Experience

The best thing which I like about the Terra Motorsis that it focuses on services and provides full support in services. If any customer has any complaints, the company always addresses the grievances of their customers. Earlier, the controller was at the back which used to cause a lot of trouble for us but now when we asked the company to address the issue they shifted the controller in the front which solved our problem.