Why Work With Terra Motors

Each of us often struggle between finding a way to do what makes us happy and what we do for a living. The truth is, no matter what we do or where we choose to work, the best way to feel happy about your job is to be somewhere where we can become better versions of ourselves.

We at Terra, gives each of our employees that platform to express themselves thus allowing them to say what they feel and we believe in the diversity in thought process the various members of every team bring.

As a Japanese company, we value our employees and encourage them to take ownership over their work. Also, the Young Management of Terra, knows how to get others energized and excited about accomplishing objectives and tends to more often lead with “pull” than “push”.

Who Works With Us


Farhan Khan

An Automobile Enthusiastic, who had his interests in the Alternative Energy Technology from the start, Mr. Farhan Khan after his Masters, joined an EV Manufacturing company. He was associated with Terra Motors in 2017 as the Area Sales Manager. Coming from the EV background, his experience and passion for EVs helped him expand his market in various zones sooner than it was expected. He is now the head of North East, North Bengal, Jharkhand and North India zones. Apart from being a crucial part of the Sales Team, he also looks after the cash flow and vendor management for the company.

Ishani Vasant

Working with an Environmental NGO in her youth, Ishani always wanted to join a sector that is planet-friendly. As an EV manufacturer Terra Motors was a natural choice, and she joined in 2020 soon after completing her post-graduation in Public Relations & Corporate Communication, from the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. Ishani is our creative lead and looks after the internal communication of the company, too - but she does a whole lot more - organizing and managing our events and even looks into aspects of the company’s branding and marketing. Always a cheerful and positive person, Ishani thoroughly enjoys her work at Terra.

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