Leading innovations with Electric Vehicles (EV)
in creating a clean and sustainable society

Current Status in Asia

More than 80 % of the world sales for gasoline motorcycles is concentrated in the Asian region. Motorcycles have improved peoples’ lives as a convenient means of transportation. However, air pollution caused by gas exhaust from motorcycles has become a serious problem causing many motorcycle and tricycles users to cover their faces with masks whilie riding on the street. In Vietnam, 16,000 people die from air pollution every year. Recent rises in gas prices have not only hit the people hard economically but also raised government concerns regarding the national security.

EV Innovation

EVs are the vehicles that are powered by a system of battery, motor, and controller instead of an internal combustion engine. Therefore,electric scooters are structually much simpler than their gasoline motorcycle counterparts. EVs need about one fourth the components of gasoline vehicles. This simplicity makes existing gasoline motorcycle manufacturers reluctant to enter the EV industry because of loyalty to sub-contractors for components and the expetise of engine engineers. Although EV is normally considered to be technically simple, it requires an advanced level of technology and expertise in manufacturing. Chinese electric motorcycles have become largely popular in many parts of Asia. However, they face maintenance and part supply chain problems in addition to product quality. Therefore, the reputation of electric motorcycles remain low. Japanese gasoline motorcycles dominate the market as a result. Terra Motors will bring innovation to the Asian EV market by intorducing Japanese product quality combined with careful after-sales service.

What makes Terra Motors innovation possible

CEO of Terra Motors, Toru Tokushige, has an outstanding background. Establishing a business in Silicon Valley after working for a large Japanese company. He combines the positive features of Japanese companies and Silicon Valley startups. Talented members of various backgrounds have joined the Terra Motors team including professional engineers from Toyota, Honda, and Yamaha. Joined by a strategic consultant from a top consulting firm, Terra Motors has also attracted venture minded talent from a top universities around Japan. Terra Motors Stockholders are some of the most distinguished persons in Japan, including among them Mr. Idei, former chairman of Sony, Mr. Yamamoto, former vice president of Apple, and Mr. Tsujino, former president of Google Japan. With these all Japan members, Terra Motors is set to deliver EV of high quality and service in the tradition of what consumers have come to appreciate and expect from Japanese industry. Terra Motors will continue to lead innovation in the field of electric scooters in Asia with a Silicon Valley sensibility.

Terra Motors Corporation
Founder & CEO
Toru Tokushige